Dear Food Forum Ministers,

For families, the most important thing in life is the health and wellbeing of our children 

That’s why it matters to all of us that our families have access to clear information about the health and safety of the products they buy – especially products that may harm our children. 

Alcohol can cause brain damage in unborn babies when consumed during pregnancy – a condition known as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Alcohol can also lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, low birth weight and developmental problems. 

Yet these products have never before been legally required to carry a health warning.  

Thankfully, that’s about to change. We are all in agreement that we need a mandatory label. Now our independent food authority has developed a clear and visible label that, with your support, will soon appear on all alcohol products sold in Australia and New Zealand 

This will replace the ineffective and confusing label applied inconsistently by some alcohol producers to date. 

You will soon be meeting to decide whether to support this carefully designed label. As you do so, we ask that you put the health and wellbeing of Australian children first by supporting the evidence-based design in full.  

Watering down the label through changes to its colour, size or wording, would be risking the health and wellbeing of thousands of Australians for years to come. 

As a community, we want Aussie kids to have the best start in life. Help our community give them that by supporting this new label without further delay.  


By submitting this form you give permission for your name, position and/or organisation to be displayed publicly on this letter. If are submitting the form behalf of an organisation, you confirm you have authority to endorse this letter on behalf of your organisation.

1,839 individuals and 142​ organisations have endorsed a clear, effective warning label.

  • Ms Louise Gray
    NOFASD Australia
  • Ms Quentin Bryce AD CVO
    25th Governor-General of Australia and former Governor of Queensland
  • Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM
    Australian nutritionist, lecturer and author
  • Ms June Oscar AO
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner & Close the Gap Campaign Co-Chair Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Dr Neal Blewett
    Chair of Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy, Labelling Logic (2011)
  • Prof Elizabeth Elliott AM FAHMS FRSN
    Distinguished Professor, Paediatrics and Child Health, The University of Sydney
    Co-Director, FASD Australia NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence
  • Prof Fiona Stanley
    AC FAA, epidemiologist
    Patron, Telethon Kids Institute
  • Dr Sharman Stone
    Author, former Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls, former MP
  • Sen Stirling Griff
    Centre Alliance
  • Dr Tim Read
    MP for Brunswick
    Victorian Greens
  • Dr Jeff McMullen AM
    Journalist, author, TV presenter, NOFASD Ambassador
  • Julie McCrossin AM
    Journalist & broadcaster
  • Ms Kirstie Clements
    Features Director
    Harper's Bazaar
  • Prof Ian Webster
    Emeritus Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine
    University of New South Wales
  • Prof Carol Bower
    Senior Principal Research Fellow
    Telethon Kids Institute
  • Dr Joe Tighe
    Close the Gap Campaign; psychologist
  • Ms Nikki Mortier
    Carer of child with FASD
  • Ms Jenelle McMillan
    Birth Mother of a child living with an FASD
  • Ms Lola Miers
    Adult who has FASD
  • Ms Neroli Endacott
    Carer - FASD Supporter
  • Mrs Cathy Clun
    Carer of 5 kids with FASD
  • Mr William Spaul
    Uncle of a FASD child whose life has been severely affected by alcohol
  • Mrs Jennifer Hogan
    Permanent carer of two boys with FASD
  • Ms Amanda Windley
    Parent of child with FASD
  • Mr Joyce Smith
    Family member of FASD affected children
  • Ms Samantha Zimmermann
    Teacher and foster carer
  • Ms Caterina Giorgi
    FARE Australia
  • Dr Erin Lalor
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Dr John Bonning
    Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
  • Ms Shanna Whan
    Sober in the Country
  • Ms Sue Miers
    NOFASD Australia
  • Mr Andrew Fairley AM
    Fairley Foundation
  • Ms Cheryl Dedman
    Chair Of The Board
    NOFASD Australia
  • Mr Tony Miers
    Board member
    NOFASD Australia
  • Mr Glenn Williams
    GM Team Australia
    Baseball Australia
  • Dr Kerryn Bagley
    The Victorian FASD Special Interest Group
  • Prof Simone Pettigrew
    The George Institute for Global Health
  • Ms Cheyenne Carter
  • Ms Jadnah Davies
    Program Manager
    Marninwarnitkura Womens Resource Centre
  • Dr Heidi Webster
    Developmental Paediatrician and Researcher
    Sunshine Coast Paediatric FASD Diagnostic clinic QLD
  • Mrs Nicole Hewlett
    National Indigenous Program Manager
    Queensland University of Technology
  • Prof Peter Anderson
    Professor of Paediatric Neuropsychology
    Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, Monash University
  • Ms Helens Hodgson
    Project Coordinator
    Making FASD History Newcastle Project
  • Dr Michael Ee
    Regional (Tasmania) Trauma ChairRoyal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • Mrs Ruth King
    Midwifery Advisor
    Australian College of Midwives
  • Dr Jessica Allen
    Community and Developmental Paediatrician
  • Prof Robin Room
    Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, La Trobe University
  • Dr Emmanuel Kuntsche
    Professor of Public Health and Director
    Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, La Trobe University
  • Dr Anne-Marie Laslett
    Senior Research Fellow
    Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, La Trobe University
  • Prof Peter Miller
    Professor of Violence Prevention and Addiction Studies, Deakin University
  • Dr Anne Heath
    Teaching fellow
    University of Tasmania
  • Dr Katherine Martin
  • Dr Alexandra Jones
    Research Fellow (Food Policy and Law)
  • Dr Cassandra Wright
    Research Fellow
    Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, La Trobe University
  • Gemma Crawford
    Collaboration for Evidence, Research & Impact in Public Health, Curtin
  • Prof Paul Haber
    Professor of Medicine
    University of Sydney
  • Ms Summer May Finlay
    University of Wollongong
  • Mr Koen Smit
    Research Officer
    Center for Alcohol Policy Research
  • Mr Abraham Albert Bonela
    PhD Student, Research Officer
    CAPR, La Trobe University
  • Mr Daniel Anderson-Luxford
    Centre for Alcohol Policy Research
  • Dr Fiona Shand
    Associate Professor
    Black Dog Institute
  • Mrs Sara Lauer
  • Ms Meredythe Crane
  • Mr Patrick Davies
    Nindilingarri Cultural Health Service
  • Ms Melissa Ledger
    Cancer Prevention and Research Director
    Cancer Council WA
  • Mr Leonard Tay
  • Mrs Marianne Georgiou
    Metropolitan Youth Health
  • Ms Jodie Norwell
    Senior Child Protection Worker
    Department for Child Protection
  • Ms Maria Moscaritolo
  • Ms Julia Stafford
    Alcohol Program Manager
    Cancer Council WA
  • Mrs Kelly Ward
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Ms Sarah Ward
  • Ms Sarah Jackson
    Senior Legal Policy Advisor
    Cancer Council Victoria
  • Ms Trish Hepworth
    Policy Director
  • Dr Jenny Goodare
  • Ms Charlene Tate-Lovery
  • Ms Tanzi Collinge
  • Ms Chelsea Robinson
  • Mr Cain Lazenby
    Web Master
  • Ms Rachel Boyd
  • Mr Kurt Lewis
    Communications and Project Support
    NOFASD Australia
  • Ms Robyn Smith
  • Ms Christine Brooks
  • Mr Adam Knobel
  • Mrs Sophie Harrington
  • Mrs Karen Humphries
  • Ms Leanne Fuelling
    Senior Community Development Officer
    Alcohol & Drug Foundation
  • Ms Dianne Woods
  • Mrs Jane Bagley
  • Ms Veronica Perera
    Executive Officer
    National Alliance for Action on Alcohol
  • Mr Karlo Aliling
    Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education
  • Ms Carmel Green
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Mr Neil Reynolds
  • Dr Rowan Ogeil
  • Ms Hannah Pierce
    Alcohol Policy & Research Coordinator
    Cancer Council WA
  • Ms Danica Keric
    Alcohol Policy & Research Coordinator
    Cancer Council WA
  • Mr Steven Rummukainen
    Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education
  • Mr Craig Sinclair
    Head, Prevention Division
    Cancer Council Victoria
  • Ms Kimberley Wilde
    Project Officer
  • Ms Emily O’Connell
    Policy Officer
    Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
  • Ms Jemima Turner
  • Ms Emma Lonsdale
    Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance
  • Ms Alyson Wright
    Research Associate
    Australian National University
  • Ms Kerrie Nelson
  • Ms Megan Knight
  • Dr Will Pascoe
  • Dr Emily Deans
    Research & Design Coordinator
  • Mrs Desriee Andreone
  • Mr Charles Paine
  • Dr Saul Newman
    Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Australian National University
  • Mr Rod Ziems
  • Ms Nina S
  • Dr Meg Perkins
    First Stop FASD Consultancy
  • Mrs Jane Kellaway
  • Dr Aphra Robbins
  • Ms Cathryn Hantos
  • Mr Ray Herron
  • Mr Merv Renton
  • Mrs Shenae Hawkins
    Regional Education Officer
    Cancer Council WA
  • Ms Marieke de Laat
  • Mrs Gillian Gates
  • Ms Kathy Mcdonald
  • Mrs Yasmin Newell
  • Ms Kath leer
  • Ms Joanna Le
  • Ms Diane Davies
  • Mr Joe Gehrke
  • Mr Colin Moglia
  • Mrs Donna Clapp
  • Mrs Barbara Horton
  • Dr Helen Eyles
    Senior Research Fellow
  • Ms Kylie Jericho
  • Ms Danielle Kerlin
  • Ms Kirsten Beckingham
    Health and Wellbeing Officer
    City of Armadale
  • Dr William Pratt
    Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District
  • Ms Lorna Morgan
  • Ms Christine Weber
  • Mr Christopher Ross
  • Mr Greg Lester
  • Ms Janice Toole
  • Ms Barb West
  • Ms Emily McLoughlin
  • Mr Richard Baynham
  • Mr Graham Wong
  • Ms Teresa Biffin
  • Dr Natasha Reid
    Research Fellow
    The University of Queensland, Child Health Research Centre
  • Mr Wayne Pascoe
  • Mrs Margaret Butcher
  • Mrs Bronwyn Greenwood
  • Mr Danny Obrien
  • Mr Simon Bayliss
  • Ms Christine Herfort
  • Ms Ama Cedar
  • Ms Kamara Buchanan
  • Mrs Beryl Amos
    WCTU Australia
  • Ms Stephanie Colbert
  • Mr Riley Sohier
  • Mr Glenn Hamilton
  • Mr Mark Chenery
    Common Cause Australia
  • Mr Russell Ashley
  • Ms Annie Mitchell
  • Ms Dana Simpson
  • Ms Gael Bayley
  • Mr Paul Ross
  • Ms Helen McLeod
  • Mr David Franklin
    Case manager
  • Mrs Sue McCracken
  • Ms Marie Sell
  • Ms Lyn Journeaux
  • Mr Jayme Markus
  • Ms Nicole Browne
  • Dr Jason Jiang
    Research Fellow
    La Trobe Universitty
  • Ms Rebecca Drake
  • Ms Di Martin
    Di Martin Communications
  • Ms Euan Thomas
  • Mr Michael and Mrs Susan Wright
  • Mr Drew Thomas
    Community member/voter
  • Ms Abbie-Clare Vidler
    Cancer Council WA
  • Mr Richard Kennett
    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Mrs Jan Mitchell
  • Dr Viola Palmer
  • Ms Anna Richardson
  • Mrs Katie Harris
  • Mrs Glenis Thomas
  • Ms Sally Pyvis
  • Mrs Sochenda Heron
  • Mr Shaquille Sevenoaks
  • Ms Margaret Scown
  • Ms Gillian Carden
  • Mr Matthew Conley
  • Ms Christine O’Callaghan
  • Ms Michelle Ward
  • Mrs Carmel Ward
  • Mr Tony Scampoli
  • Ms Sarah Down
  • Ms Kate Forster
  • Ms Susan Richardson
  • Ms Sonya Parer
  • Ms Gaja Grieves
  • Ms Alison Soutter
  • Mr Jim Chadd
  • Ms Emma Draper
  • Dr Joy Parkinson
    Research Director Social Marketing @ Griffith
    Griffith University
  • Ms Susanne Boag
  • Mrs Sonia White
  • Mr John Baker
  • Mrs Linda McKellar
  • Mr Susan Lee
  • Mrs Diane Beckett
  • Mrs Robyn Hunziker
  • Mrs Ailsa Ure
  • Mrs Nici McMah
  • Mr Gary Lindquist
  • Ms Nicole Toia
  • Dr Peter Nixon
    Honorary Associate Professor
    University of Queensland
  • Ms Jackie Curtis
  • Dr James Cuffe
  • Mr David Steptoe
  • Dr Lisa Akison
    Research Fellow
    University of Queensland
  • Mr Michael Chanas
  • Ms Sophia Young
  • Ms Sarah Thyssen
    Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE)
  • Mrs Sybille Lechner
  • Mr Brad Randazzo
  • Mr Paul Grady
  • Ms Sarah Steane
    PhD Candidate
    The University of Queensland
  • Dr Karen Lombardi
    Postdoctoral researcher
    Edith Cowan University
  • Mrs Alyson Elari
    Injury Prevention Officer
    Injury Matters
  • Mrs Glenyse Duyndam
  • Ms Tiarni Dugdale
  • Ms Diana de Vries
  • Ms Noni Walker
  • Mr Andrew Braun
  • Dr Yi Huey Lim
  • Ms Tess Fletcher
  • Ms Jocelyn Lawry
  • Mr Gary Taffe
    Grace Group
  • Mrs Jennifer O’Mullane
    Executive Officer
    Local Drug Action Groups Inc.
  • Ms Sue Toms
  • Mrs Bev Curtis-Flynn
  • Ms Heather Jones
  • Ms Bridget Foley
  • Ms Anne Martin
  • Dr Michelle Williams
  • Dr Fleur van Dooren
    Telethon Kids Institute
  • Ms Jodie Quinnell
  • Mr Thomas Gilliland
  • Mrs Roslyn Jean Faulkner
  • Ms Jayne Leatherman
  • Dr Keith Sutton
  • Ms Bronwyn David
  • Ms Kerry Brady
  • Mrs Chlor Drysdale
  • Ms Sophie van Dam
  • Ms Kelly Kennington
  • Mr Lucian Raicu
  • Ms Narelle Jarvis
  • Mr Cameron Wright
  • Mrs Anne-Maree Bourke
    Executive Officer
    Foundation for Alcohol Education and Research
  • Mr John Lincoln
  • Mrs Christie White
  • Mrs Sue Pratt
  • Mrs Deborah Wells
  • Mr Stephen Howard
  • Ms Jessica Thomas
  • Ms Felicity Nolen
  • Mr Cameron McLean
  • Dr Tracey Tsang
    Senior Research Fellow
    The University of Sydney
  • Dr Anna Nicholson
  • Dr Rochelle Watkins
  • Mrs Lee Fretz
  • Mrs Patricia Yeo
  • Mrs Allyson King
  • Mrs Georgia Peyper
  • Ms Ella Anderson
  • Mrs Lisa Mitchell
  • Ms Maria Jarlmo
  • Dr Anthony Zehetner
    Staff Specialist
    The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
  • Ms Julie Smith
  • Ms Sarah Moloney
  • Ms Annemarie Goodger
  • Mrs Teresa Boughton
  • Ms Tanya Cheyne
  • Ms Michelle Day
  • Ms Lynne Maclean
  • Mrs Sondra Lehane
  • Ms Jennifer Harvey
  • Dr Tom Clemens
    Visiting Paediatrician
    Royal Hobart Hospital
  • Mrs Katherine Waddington
    Wadi Farm Equine Learning Centre
  • Mrs Joan Apthorp
  • Ms Wendy Watson
  • Mrs Ange Bramley
  • Prof Louise Baur
    Professor of Child and Adolescent Health
    University of Sydney
  • Mrs Jenna Sproules
  • Mrs Jenifer Nichols
  • Dr Bronwyn Milne
    CICADA Center NSW
  • Mrs Vanessa Mackay
  • Mrs Jacqueline Dufty
  • Ms Adelle Rist
  • Ms Marie Forster
    B. Nursing, Grad. Dip. Public Health
  • Ms Hilary Cook
  • Ms Kellie Gavin
  • Mrs Julie Christoffersen
  • Mrs Emma Jones
  • Ms Nell Thayne
  • Mr John Hodgson
  • Dr Roslyn Giglia
  • Mr Danny Tancevski
  • Mrs Susan Goodare
    Special needs music teacher
    Self employed
  • Mr Paul MIE
  • Mrs Trish Taylor
  • Ms Kate Armstrong
  • Mrs Helen Jenkins-Conway
  • Mr Norman Hoskins
  • Ms Charlotte Munro
  • Dr Hayley Passmore
    Telethon Kids Institute
  • Ms Joy Black
  • Mr John Weightman
  • Ms Yvonne Avery
  • Ms Kylie Shearer
  • Dr Lauren Rice
    Research Fellow
    The University of Sydney
  • Dr Keith Charles
  • Dr Lynette Eggleston
  • Mrs Christine McDonnell
  • Ms Miriam Stanborough
  • Mr Rich Visser
  • Ms Alexandria Koenig
  • Ms Kim Kellett
  • Mrs Diana Barnett
  • Dr Karen Turner
    Associate Professor
    The University of Queensland
  • Ms Molly Warner
    Accredited Practising Dietitian
  • Ms Elana Forbes
    The University of Queensland
  • Ms Jane Riordan
  • Prof Matthew Sanders
    Parenting and Family Support Centre, The University of Queensland
  • Dr William Harrison
    The University of Queensland
  • Dr Vanessa Cobham
    The University of Queensland
  • Prof Patricia Noller
    Emeritus Professor
    University of Queensland
  • Prof Euan Wallace
    Carl Wood Professor and Head, Dept Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    Monash University
  • Dr Trevor Mazzucchelli
  • Mrs Carolyn Sharp
  • Mrs Margaret George
    Home Maker
  • Mr Jonathan Barnett
  • Ms Susan Hogan
  • Dr Annabelle Neall
  • Mr Andrew McVicar
  • Ms Sarah Stanwix
  • Dr Constanze Knebel
  • Prof Mike Daube
    Emeritus Professor
    Curtin University
  • Mrs Savannah Palmer
    The University of Queensland
  • Dr David Gordon
    Child & Adolescent and Addiction Psychiatrist
  • Mr Joel Larwood
    PhD Candidate
  • Mr Sam Priebbenow
  • Mrs Janet O’Brien
  • Dr Hannah Filmer
    Research Fellow
    The University of Queensland
  • Ms Anna Hickling
    PhD Candidate
  • Dr Cassandra Dittman
    Central Queensland University
  • Prof Winnifred Louis
  • Mrs Frances Pidcock
    Community Outreach Manager
    The Buttery
  • Ms Shae Collis
    Senior Community Development Officer
  • Mr Ned Chandler-Mather
  • Ms Jacqueline Marks
  • Mrs Dannielle Handel
  • Ms Vivien Gauld
  • Mrs Dorothy Hosking
  • Mrs Lisa Bourke
  • Dr Becky Freeman
  • Dr Sarah Gerritsen
    University of Auckland
  • Dr Peter Sarich
  • Mr Stephen Hall
  • Mr Tay Alers
  • Ms Corie Gray
  • Mrs Leanne Erian
  • Mrs Sylvia Giordani
  • Ms Cassandra Clayforth
  • Mr John Rogerson
  • Mr Wayne Mitchell
  • Mrs Helen Steele
  • Ms Jennifer Sheehan
  • Mrs Chantal Lauzon
  • Dr Robyn Doney
  • Mrs Beverley Flegg
  • Dr John Drenen
  • Mr Greg Wilson
  • Mrs Chrystle Uren
    Alcohol and Drug Counsellor
  • Ms Ruby Gerrish
    The University of Queensland
  • Ms Eleonora Parker
  • Ms Mardi Chapman
  • Mrs Catherine Tabain
  • Prof Tian Po Oei
    Emeritus Professor
    The University of Queensland
  • Dr Elizabeth Connor
  • Ms Dianne Pymble-Ward
  • Dr Meghan Sandle
  • Mr Graeme Noble
  • Dr Suzy Teutsch
    Research Fellow
    Australian Paediatric Surveilance Unit
  • Mrs Helen McGrath
  • Ms Saumya Singh
    Doctoral student
    The University of Queensland
  • Mrs Elizabeth Turnock
  • Mrs Julie Blewitt
  • Ms Catherine Crawford
  • Prof Jane Halliday
    Principal Research Fellow
    Murdoch Children's Research Institute
  • Ms Isobel Lamont
  • Mrs Teresa Dyson
  • Ms Rachel Acton
    Senior Community Development Officer
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Mrs Leonor Gouldthorpe
  • Ms Susan Hickson
    Health Promotion Officer
  • Mr David Williams
  • Mrs Vivienne Williams
  • Mr Peter Murphy
  • Mr John Tate
  • Ms Ellen Hart
    Research and Policy Coordinator
    Cancer Council WA
  • Mr Francis Castellino
  • Ms Gwenyth Stanyer
  • Ms Anna Mackenzie
  • Ms Bernadette Krone
  • Mrs Jessica Grocott
  • Ms Sue Brown
  • Ms Lynn Carroll
  • Mr Jon Othitis
  • Prof Sharon Aston
  • Ms Atsuko Yamada
  • Ms Margaret Makewell
  • Mrs Joy Julian
  • Ms Christine Berrill
  • Prof Nadia Badawi
    Children's Hospital at Westmead, CP Alliance Research Institute, University of Sydney
  • Mrs Jennifer Sweeney
  • Mrs Leah O’Rourke
  • Mr Peter Dixon
  • Ms Mel Brett
  • Mrs Cynthia Moore
  • Ms Lau Nat
  • Mr Terry Blad
  • Mrs Lauren Bais
  • Ms Lesley Andersen
  • Mrs Isobel Logan
  • Mrs Anna Sherry
  • Ms Sheynae Griffiths
  • Mrs Judy Kenworthy
  • Mr Craig Martin
    Head of Evidence
    Alcohol & Drug Foundation
  • Dr John Keogh
    Associate Professor Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Dr Andrew Booker
  • Mr Ian Watkinson
  • Dr Lisa Robinson
  • Dr Sarah McIntyre
    Senior Research Fellow
    Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • Dr Kath Carmo
  • Ms Kay Maguire
  • Ms Waimarie Brand
  • Mrs Dawn Stark
    Drug & Alcohol Educator
    Drug Free Lifestyles WCTU
  • Dr Nicole Hayes
    The University of Queensland
  • Mrs Margaret Hartley
  • Dr Julie Hodges
  • Mr John McComb
  • Dr Linda Gallo
  • Ms Kimberley Sprake
  • Mr Roy Bishop
  • Mrs Margaret Major
    Voluntary Hospital Chaplain
  • Dr Chris Saadie
  • Dr Karen Menigoz
  • Dr Helen Dixon
  • Ms Joanne barton
  • Ms Beth Crispin
  • Mrs Caroline Zvekic
  • Mrs Kris Wallace
  • Ms Kristina Jones
  • Mrs Amanda Allen
  • Ms Vivienne Banner
  • Mr Nathan Pang
  • Mrs Louise Taresch
    Mother, RN, RM, PN
  • Ms Sam Pinnell
  • Ms Anita Jandrasec
  • Ms Suzanne Birch
  • Ms Tracey Groombridge
    Trainer Mental Health
  • Mr Glenn Carr
  • Ms Krissy Thomas
  • Mrs Tannia Sherriff
  • Mr Daryl Morris
  • Ms Marie Banic
  • Mrs Christine Haskard
  • Ms Gemma Freeman
  • Ms Rosina Mihajlovic
  • Mrs Elizabeth Pentecost
  • Ms Jane Myers
  • Ms Fiona Baylis
  • Ms Robyn ODell
  • Mr Luke Giles
  • Mrs Jackie Prichard
  • Mrs Nicole Dimond
  • Dr Natalie Leitao
  • Mr Alexander Brown
    Retired School Teacher
  • Ms Connie Giorgi
  • Mrs Peta Jones
  • Dr Cynthia Carel
  • Ms Evelyne Muggli
    Senior Research Officer
    Murdoch Children's Research Institute
  • Ms Sophie Gibson
    Research Assistant
  • Ms Shona Goldsmith
    Research Fellow
    Cerebral Palsy Alliance, The University of Sydney
  • Ms Kathy Campbell
  • Ms Merilyn Bear
  • Ms Jessica Hohipa
    Baseball Australia
  • Ms Debra Aylmore
  • Ms Ellena Holm
    Admin Officer
  • Mrs Britts Hayes
  • Ms Sharee Mitchell
  • Mrs Ellen Chandler
  • Ms Emma Wyatt
    Early Childhood Educator
  • Ms Amy Ferguson
  • Ms Rosie Wells
  • Ms Hannah Andrews
  • Mrs Melissa Cowan
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Ms Liana Bellifemini
  • Ms Petra Keckeisen
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Mrs Janelle Smith
  • Ms Alexandra Davis
  • Mr Michael McNeill
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Ms Fiona McWilliam
  • Mr Simon Meyer
  • Mr Dotahn Caspi
  • Mr Mark Harris
  • Ms Kristy Schirmer
  • Dr Sarit van Veen
  • Dr Robert Riessen
    Retired GP
    Advocate for health promotion
  • Ms Linda Gay
    Specialist Librarian and Information Officer
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Mrs Samantha Menezes
  • Ms Jocelyn Leong
  • Mrs Emma Marshall
    Cancer Council WA
  • Mrs Cathy English
    Project Officer
  • Mr Keith Butler
    Retired architect
  • Mr Nick Krause
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Ms Michelle Anderson
  • Mrs Diane Thornley
    Cancer Council Western Australia
  • Mrs Janet and Barry Dufall
  • Ms Simonne Collins
  • Ms William and Noelene Ferrier
  • Dr Robert Chataway
  • Mrs Amanda Evans
  • Ms Carly Bonny
  • Dr Phillip Baker
    Research Fellow
    Deakin University
  • Dr David Caldicott
    Senior Lecturer
    Australian National University
  • Ms Jelica Keric
  • Ms Milica Keric
  • Mrs Banka Keric
  • Mr Kosta Keric
  • Mr Zach Middleton
  • Ms Heidi Cardinal
  • Mr Audas Grant
  • Mrs Mariette Gill
  • Mrs Jo Critchley
  • Mrs Zoe Kizimchuk
  • Dr Melanie Pescud
    Senior Research Fellow
    Australian National University
  • Dr Amanda Stephens
  • Mrs Cara Finch
  • Mrs Joy Kelly
  • Ms Gita Kusnadi
    University of Queensland
  • Mr David Fawell
  • Dr Florentine Martino
    Research Fellow
    GLOBE, Deakin University
  • Ms Mary Orgill
  • Mr Brendon Gray
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Mrs Monique Boatwright
    Master of Human Nutrition student
    Deakin University
  • Ms Elissa Wray
    Senior Community Development Officer
    Alcohol & Drug Foundation
  • Ms Maddie Day
    PhD Candidate
    The George Institute for Global Health
  • Ms Ashley Blechynden
    Personal Assistant
    Cancer Council WA
  • Mrs Katherine O’Sullivan
  • Ms Debra Lewis
  • Mr Michael Jeffery
  • Mrs Sue Morey
  • Mrs Rebecca Fergie
    Special Education Teacher
  • Ms Anna Boden
  • Ms Robin Davis
  • Ms Deb Tiller
  • Ms Karli Ray
  • Ms Tracey Dormer
  • Ms Alexandra Graham
  • Mrs Rhonda Jones
  • Mrs Lynda Graham
  • Ms Lisa Pendlebury
  • Mrs Anne McGilloway
    Case Manager
    Outer Southern Homelessness Services
  • Ms Raquel Willis
  • Mr Jarod Graham
    Quality Manager
    People Come First
  • Mrs Sherilee Williams
  • Ms Lynette Murphy
  • Mr Daniel Vautin
  • Mrs Leigh Van Es
  • Ms Esther Clun
  • Ms Charla Hollington
  • Ms Erika Marland
  • Mr Don Van Es
  • Mr Gilberto Spencer
  • Dr Peter Reynolds
  • Dr Sadasivam Suresh
  • Ms Heidi Milne
    Community support worker
  • Ms Prue Walker
    FASD Consultant
  • Ms Gayle Deel
  • Mrs Shirley Meredith
  • Mrs Sharon Whyte
    SSEN: Medical and Mental Health
  • Ms Assunta Di Francesco
  • Mrs Christine Jeffries
  • Mr Kerr Maxwell
  • Mrs Deborah Parker
  • Dr Justine Noble
    Developmental and General Paediatrician
    Noble Kids
  • Ms Pat Coidan
    My Support Connection
  • Mrs Jennifer Fazakerley
  • Mr Richard Willier
    FASD Specialist, FASD Volunteer, Former Youth Probation Officer
  • Mrs Tracey Lintern
  • Mrs Hannah Dube
  • Mrs Jaki Osborne
  • Ms Kristina Magee
  • Mrs Jo Davis
  • Mr Brent Wismer
  • Dr Evelyn Ferris
    Private Practitioner
    Dr Evelyn Ferris Occupational Therapist
  • Ms Vivien de Vanny
  • Mr Greg Sherriff
  • Mrs Nuala Sherriff
  • Ms Mary King
    Care Navigator
    1st 2000 days
  • Mr Glenn Roberts
  • Ms Jenny Walsh
  • Ms Rachel Young
  • Ms Zoe Hogan
  • Mrs Mary Dixon
  • Mrs Sheryl Puke
  • Mrs Kerinne Boyd
  • Dr Natasha Cook
    Nephrologist and General Physician
  • Ms Anna Bennett
  • Dr David Kault
  • Mr Allan Rugayampunzi Nshimiye
  • Dr Elizabeth McEntyre
  • Mrs Celeste Stephens
  • Mr Daniel Wren
  • Dr Lydia Sung
  • Mrs Jennifer Ennis
  • Mrs Deborah Woods
  • Mrs Leah McCann
    Foster Care Support Worker
  • Dr Kerre Ann Willsher, PhD Willsher
  • Dr Jacquie Bowden
    Deputy Director, Health Policy Centre
    South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
  • Mr David Skipworth
    Education Officer
  • Ms Linda G
  • Mrs Amanda Mulligan
  • Ms Ali Coton
    Child Protection Leader
    Dept of Communities
  • Ms Anneliese Cheetham
    Cancer Council WA
  • Mrs Lillian Ryan
  • Ms Philippa Pyman
    PhD Student (Clinical Neuropsychology)
  • Mrs Melanie Marsh
    Director Cancer Information & Support Services
    Cancer Council WA
  • Mrs Amanda Homard
    School Learning Support Officer
    Primary school
  • Ms Ruby Phyland
    Provisional Psychologist
  • Mrs Christel Rome
  • Mr Marcus Rome
  • Mr Dylan Curtin
    Monash University
  • Dr Vanessa Spiller
    Clinical Psychologist
    JumpStart Psychology
  • Ms Nicole Rawson
    Young Parents Worker
  • Mr Joseph Nunis
    Clinical Lead
    Hope Community services
  • Ms Rachael Knott
  • Mrs Dina Swart
  • Mrs Shannon Wilson
  • Mrs Kelly Langdon
    Registered Nurse
  • Dr Karyn Healy
  • Ms April Wilson
  • Mrs Sharyn Hamon
  • Ms Morgaine Wilesmith
  • Ms Dianne Scott
  • Mr Bryce Few
    Vocational Services Officer
    Dept of Justice West Kimberley Prison
  • Ms Kirsten Wilken
  • Mrs Mildred Cubis
  • Mrs Gillian Fawell
  • Ms Dorothy Coombe
  • Ms Helen Copland
  • Mrs Jane Gould
    Registered Midwife
    Northern Health
  • Mrs Joy Saunders
  • Mrs Dianne McComb
  • Ms Jane Dibbs
    Cancer Council NSW
  • Ms Christine Radcliffe
  • Mrs Lynda Hossack
  • Mrs Penny McGrory
  • Mr Sanket Nagar
  • Ms Gail Easton
  • Mrs Sharene Kocsis
  • Mr Barclay Brand
    AOD Youth Worker
  • Mrs Alecia West
    Drug and Aclohol Case Manager
  • Mrs Monika Fitzpatrick
  • Mr Benjamin Witham
    Co-Chair Consumer and Community Advisory Committee
    South West Healthcare
  • Mrs Naomi Elliott
  • Ms Christina Watts
  • Ms Barb Witham
  • Mr Allan Beesey
  • Mrs Pauline Thorne
    Cancer Council WA
  • Ms Olivia Killeen
  • Ms Ellie Robinson
    Environmental Health Officer
  • Ms Nikola Ellis
  • Mrs Allison Lucas
  • Ms Lynette Hallewell
  • Mrs Selena Wang
  • Ms Taryn Rossenrode
    Program Officer
    Cancer Council WA
  • Mrs Elizabeth Reddel
  • Mrs Jo Nema
  • Mrs Lenka Coyne
  • Mr Andrew Digges
    Youth Worker AOD
    Mission Australia
  • Mrs Karen Ryan
  • Mr Brendan Cullinan
  • Ms Prudence Gallagher
  • Ms Sharon Thomas
  • Ms Agnes Murphy
  • Mrs Rosemary Power
  • Mr Philip Alford
  • Ms Heather Hillman
  • Mrs Sharon Wilkinson
    Blackwood Youth Action Inc.
  • Mr Dennis Berry
    Berry Management Services Pty Ltd
  • Mrs Neredah Gill
  • Ms Patricia Collinson
  • Ms Yvonne Sadgrove
  • Ms Susan Helme
  • Dr Nick Georges
    Public Health Doctor
    Public Health Association of Australia (NT Branch)
  • Ms Melissa Bell
  • Ms Shari Nye
    Dept of Education
  • Ms Davina Knight
  • Mrs Myra Peeler
  • Mrs Shelly Daniell
  • Mrs Alana Lawrence
  • Ms Bridie Dailey
  • Ms Angela Waring
  • Ms Vanessa Sharp
  • Mrs Elizabeth Ritchie
  • Mr Scott Nye
  • Mrs Genny Herbert
    Maternal & Child Health Nurse
  • Ms Linda McDonald
  • Ms Alana O’Reilly
  • Ms Sarah Goldsbury
    Clinical Neuropsychologist
  • Mrs Shelley Stuart
  • Ms Kelly Mullan
  • Dr Madison Paton
    Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute
  • Mr Aaron Batchelor
    Information Officer
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Prof Daryl Higgins
    Institute of Child Protection Studies
  • Ms Alex Cahill
  • Mrs Margaret Maclennan
    Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • Prof Alistair McEwan
    Chair of Technology and Innovation
    University of Sydney
  • Mr Daniel Pearce
  • Ms Maria Battaglia
    Institute of Child Protection Studies, Australian Catholic University
  • Ms Kim Hanning
  • Mrs Kath Swinburn
  • Ms Nina Tan
  • Dr Hayley Smithers-Sheedy
    Senior Research Fellow
    Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute
  • Mr Daniel Young
  • Dr Nicholas Carah
    Associate Professor
    The University of Queensland
  • Ms Carla Lane
    Addictions Clinician
  • Mrs Rosalind Troup
  • Ms Holli Jordanoff
  • Ms Rosalie Grierson-Burgess
    Midwifery Student
    University of Newcastle
  • Mrs Alice Chesterfield
  • Ms Bernice Ross
    Registered Midwife/Nurse IBCLC
  • Dr Deborah Askew
    University of Queensland
  • Ms Emma Stanton
    Research Therapist
    Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • Ms Anita Dessaix
    Cancer Council NSW
  • Ms Anne Finch
  • Dr Kishor Kumar Paul
    PhD student
    Kirby Institute
  • Ms Tracy Nau
    University of Sydney
  • Ms Esther Naidu
  • Ms Veronica Shaw
  • Ms Paula Goodyer
    Freelance health writer
  • Mrs Rose Wilson
  • Ms Freda Crucitti
  • Ms Letitia Del Fabbro
    Lecturer in Nursing
    Griffith University
  • Prof Karine Gallopel-Morvan
    School of Public Health (France)
  • Mrs Melinda Edmunds
    Senior Coordinator
    Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA
  • Mr James Berridge
  • Ms Georgia Griffin
  • Ms Laima Ziedars
  • Mr Mark Armstrong
  • Ms Lara Pedersen
  • Mr Paul Chataway
  • Ms Kate Black
  • Mrs Claire Howe
  • Dr Jessica Clifton
    Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • Prof James Smith
    Father Frank Flynn Fellow (Harm Minimisation)
    Menzies School of Health Research
  • Ms Michelle Quinn
  • Mrs Rebecca Reynolds
  • Ms Sheridan Lister
  • Mrs Pippa Broughton
  • Ms Tracey Adamson
  • Dr Graeme Judson
    Locum addiction medicine specialist
  • Mrs Tresna Maclean
  • Ms Samantha Banks
  • Mrs Kelly Jeng
    Clinical Neuropsychologist
    The Children's Hospital at Westmead
  • Mrs Angela Sippel
  • Mrs Kodie Coates
    Student midwife
  • Ms Sharni Tyrrell
  • Ms Narelle Mullan
  • Ms Tara Guckel
    University of Sydney
  • Mr Fred Tromp
  • Dr Ashlea Bartram
  • Ms Rose Rutherford
  • Mrs Cherie Thamm
  • Ms Andrea Hodgson
    AOD counsellor
    St John of God
  • Mr Michael Vidler
  • Mr Perry Johnston
  • Ms Sharon Taylor
    Concerned Australian citizen, mother and voter
  • Ms Amanda Hickey
  • Mr Brian Richardson
  • Ms Korissa Johnson
    Legal Support Officer
  • Mr Bruce Ritchie
  • Mr Keith Kynoch
    Retired Minister
    Uniting Church in Australia
  • Ms Maria Vekovich
  • Ms Louisa Castle
    Student services/foster carer
  • Ms Sharon Reeves
  • Mrs Penny King
  • Ms Gayle Amul
    Research Associate
    Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore
  • Mrs Lynne Stuckings
  • Mrs Naomi Burgess
  • Mr Gary Burgess
  • Ms Camilla Smith
  • Ms Maria Zijlstra
  • Mrs Marjorie Entermann
  • Dr Linda Kennaugh
  • Mrs Wendy Barton
  • Mrs Victoria Goss
  • Mrs Merilyn Aveling-Rowe
  • Mrs Vanessa Williams
  • Mr Matthew Stuckings
  • Mrs Tabitha Vickers
  • Mr Paul Dirago
  • Ms Tracey Williams
    Research Officer
    UWA and Curtin University
  • Ms Beth Mansfield
  • Mr Rowan Hilgate
  • Mrs Joy Pagano
    School Social Worker
  • Mr Paul Dirago
  • Ms Haidee Grieshaber
    Community Development Officer
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Ms Lucette Talbot
    Health and Community Worker
  • Ms Laura-Kay Carrero
    Kinship Carer
  • Prof Vicki Clifton
    Professorial Fellow Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    Mater Research Institute
  • Dr May Na Erng
    University of Queensland
  • Ms Jessica Birch
  • Ms Catie Williams
  • Mr Selwyn McFaul
  • Mrs Claire Thurston
    Research Midwife
  • Mr Matthew Campbell
  • Mrs Cathryn Thomas
  • Mrs Michelle Spargo
  • Dr Clare Fuller
  • Mrs Stephanie Wallbank
  • Mr Ceri McCoy
  • Ms Kerry McGorlick
  • Mrs Barbara Goldin
  • Mrs Meran Byleveld
  • Mrs Sharon Kirkaldy
  • Mrs Lisa Allison
    Nextra Margate
  • Ms Audrey Yeji Lee
  • Ms Kristen Kizimchuk
  • Mrs Tanya Cameron
  • Mrs Kim Stanley
  • Mrs Diane Brittenden
  • Ms Melissa Lee
  • Mr Cameron Mason
  • Dr Marcel Zimmet
    Developmental Paediatrician
    Royal Far West
  • Mr Michael Stephens
    Training and Employment Specialist
    Wesley Mission
  • Dr Mark Ragg
    Ragg & Co
  • Mrs Pauline Law
    Parent of an adopted daughter with FASD
  • Ms Jodie Pepper
  • Mrs Heather McQueen
  • Dr Matthew Govorko
  • Mr Scott Adamson
  • Mrs Cate Turner
  • Mrs Wilma Button
  • Ms Pamela Metcalf
  • Mr David Jefferson
  • Mrs Yvonne Coleman
  • Mr Vincent Mumford
  • Mr Chris Fletcher
  • Mrs Kath Thomas
  • Ms Melissa Pickering
  • Mrs Caraline Harrold
  • Ms Maryam Abdul Razak
    Healthier Workplace WA Program Coordinator
    Cancer Council WA
  • Mrs Emma Edmunds
  • Dr Fiona Crawford-Williams
    Research Fellow
    University of Southern Queensland
  • Mr Sergio Conti
  • Ms Denise Quinn
  • Ms Danielle Chenery
  • Mr Chris Thomas
  • Mrs Donnah Ryan
  • Ms Shauna-Marie Wilson
  • Mrs Deanne Baker
  • Ms Renay Thomas
  • Ms Jennifer Lissarrague
  • Mrs Lauren Padmos
  • Mr Joel Ward
  • Dr Keren Witcombe
    Ellen Health
  • Mr Mark Strickland
  • Dr Taylor Pini
  • Ms Jodi Crane
  • Ms Rachel Nicou
  • Mrs Dee Kell
  • Ms Rhoni McDonald
  • Mrs Lynette Blatch
  • Ms Vicki Cutter
  • Mrs Kathryn Bryant
  • Mrs Hannah Campbell
    Regional Education Coordinator
    Cancer Council WA
  • Ms Maddie Clarkson
  • Mrs Alyson Segrott
  • Mr Ian Kruger
  • Mrs Tania Paccanaro
  • Mrs Adele Thomas
  • Mr Hal Butterfield
  • Mrs Lucy Dallas
  • Ms Ann Barblett
  • Mrs Maureen Henderson
  • Mrs Wendy Whale
  • Mrs Janis Clifton
  • Mr James Morgan
  • Mrs Andrea Schmitz
  • Mrs Marie Kirkegard
  • Mrs Pauline Glasson
  • Ms Amanda Holt
  • Mrs Robyn Lyons
  • Mrs Jennifer Loveday
  • Dr Nighat Faruqi
  • Dr Rebecca Mathews
  • Mrs Sara Bennett
  • Ms Michella Wherrett
  • Mrs Julie Tatlow
  • Ms Rose Stewart
  • Ms Laura Gothard
  • Mrs Rachel Cooper
  • Mrs Julie Michel
  • Dr Jenny Salmon
    One-time PDRF to Dr Ab Chudley
  • Mr Jeevaka Wijesinha
  • Mrs Georgie O’Connor
  • Ms Fiona Thomas
  • Mrs J Adam
  • Mrs Shona Edwards
  • Ms Akshata Toraskar
  • Ms Hikmah Mohd Fairuz
  • Mrs Krystle Siers
  • Ms Maddison Bourke
  • Ms Felicetta Vecera
  • Mrs Naomi Smith
  • Mrs Michelle Brown
  • Mr Ronald Fox
  • Mrs Christy Blowes
  • Ms Caroline Woolias
  • Mrs Colleen Caplen
  • Ms Charlene Lan
  • Ms Amber Wymer
  • Mrs Yianna Conway
  • Mrs Tamara Cox
  • Ms Anne Garrett
    SEWB Counsellors
  • Mrs Nina Dunn
  • Ms Karen Jones
    Clinical Psychologist
  • Ms Emma Foreman
    Speech Pathologist
  • Ms Anna Carstens
  • Mrs Elizabeth Carr
  • Mrs Wendy Green
  • Mrs Belinda Kirkegard
  • Mr Terry Wilson
  • Ms Mavis Heath
  • Ms Jasmine Gasper
  • Mr Iman Brentnall
  • Ms Alison Minervini
  • Mr Ian Rawlings
  • Ms Heather Williams
  • Ms Elizabeth Sansford
  • Mrs Thomais Andony
  • Mr Eric Oppel
  • Ms Cheryle Dale
  • Mrs Karen Logan
  • Mrs Marion Doecke
  • Mrs Kerrie Weatherley
  • Mrs Aileen Devereux
  • Ms Kate Grealy
  • Mr Les Thurgood
  • Mrs Toni-Lee Phillips
    Drug & Alcohol Counsellor
  • Ms Courtney Wolf
  • Ms Mish Vas
  • Mr Abdullah Jarrari
  • Ms Ted Jensen
  • Ms Jennifer Smith
    Disability Advocate
  • Ms Heather Scott
  • Mrs Alyson Hockey
  • Mrs Sharon Lowe
  • Mrs Jennifer Mcean
  • Mr Riley Sohier
  • Ms Elizabeth Johansen
  • Mr Roger Edmonds
  • Ms Elizabeth Francis
  • Ms Tamzin France
  • Ms Jen Appleton
  • Ms Andrea Wilson
  • Ms Margaret Gordon
  • Ms Jin Law
  • Mr Ben Wicks
  • Ms Sophie Scobie
  • Mrs Helen Unwin
  • Mrs Kay Doughty
  • Mr Charles Debaecker
  • Ms Debra Royle
  • Ms Anna Gundesen
  • Mr Greg Unwin
  • Dr Rebecca Pedruzzi
    Senior Research Officer
    Telethon Kids Insitute
  • Ms Karyl Davison
  • Mrs Dianne Richardson
  • Dr Tjibaenyana Daman
  • Ms Eva Bevan
  • Ms U Wulff
  • Mr Anthony Merlino
    Menzies School of Health Research
  • Ms Jordan Kate Bakani
  • Ms Maureen Fordyce
  • Ms Deidre Hamilton
  • Mr Alexander Borchert
  • Ms Amber Skinner
  • Ms Jennifer Bacon
  • Ms Lisa Greensill
  • Ms Gemma Pitcher
  • Mrs Bronwyn Hennessy
  • Dr Janani Shanthosh
    Research Fellow (Health, Economics & Law)
    The George Institute for Global Health
  • Mrs Merrie Hepworth
  • Ms Mary Paunovic
  • Ms Tayla Weltner
  • Mr James Farrell OAM
  • Ms Janis Meyers
    Speech Pathologist
    Sherwood Speech Pathology
  • Prof Bill Bellew
    Professorial Fellow
    The University of Sydney, Prevention Research Collaboration
  • Ms Kay McKenzie
  • Mrs Georgina Hardy
  • Ms Angelene Bruce
  • Mrs Josephine Bresnik-Kaminskas
  • Ms Jennifer Timms
  • Dr Cheneal Puljevic
    Research fellow
    The University of Queensland
  • Mrs Amanda Dipane
  • Ms Evelyn Findlay
  • Ms Miranda Guizzo
  • Mr Ernest Ackland
  • Mr Arthur Feinman
  • Ms Pat Brady
  • Mrs Helga Breier
  • Mrs Mary Busteed
  • Ms Harriet Daly
  • Mrs Hunter Pomery
    Senior Community Development Officer
    Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Ms Natalie Evans-Sandell
  • Ms Beverly Moyle
  • Ms Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Ms Susan O’Reilly
  • Mrs June Montgomery
  • Mrs Lucia Forman
  • Mrs Lisa Wheeler
  • Mrs Emma Woolley
  • Mrs Mel Stosur
  • Dr Susan D. Rich, MD, MPH, DFAPA
    7th Generation Foundation, Inc.
  • Ms Anne Donovan
  • Ms Nicole Lim
  • Ms Sarah Cullen
  • Ms Angelika Treichler
  • Ms Heather Radford
  • Mr Tony Blythe
  • Ms Jenni Mcilroy
  • Ms Rebecca James
  • Mrs Sue Barnett
  • Ms Miranda Cooper
  • Mr Chanaka Thanthirige
  • Ms Julie Anne Mitchell
  • Mrs Lyndal Blatch
  • Dr Amber Seigel
    Sydney Children's Hospital Network
  • Mr Isaac Marshall
    Project Officer
    Trinity Engineering and Consulting
  • Dr Nyssa Hadgraft
  • Mrs Cheryl Geary
  • Ms Amanda Kuoe
  • Ms Jane Tuson
    Registered Psychotherapist
    Jane Tuson Psychotherapy
  • Mrs Karen Watts
  • Ms Ann Diuglas
  • Mrs Nicole Vella
  • Mrs Eleonora Truskewycz
  • Ms Nicole MacKee
  • Mrs Leeann Hardes
  • Mrs Mandy Haywood
    Occupational therapist
  • Mr James Stevens-Cutler
  • Ms Nikki Owen
    Health Promotion Officer
  • Ms Lisa Cannon
  • Ms Linda Vivian
  • Mrs Kyle Pamela
  • Ms Therese Mangos
  • Ms Philippa Brearley
  • Mr Spase Veljanovski
  • Ms Alice Davine
  • Ms Anne Telfer
  • Mrs Kylea Bettison
  • Mr Matthew Moran
  • Dr Danielle Borg
  • Mr Steve Wright
  • Mrs Beth Reynolds
  • Ms Sarah Mills
  • Mrs Ruth Chapman
  • Ms Cathy Picone
  • Mr Gary Kirby
  • Mrs Sarah Thompson
  • Dr Susan Cutler
    Retired medical practitioner
  • Ms Jessica De Silva
  • Ms Susan Phillips
  • Ms Heidi Ryan
    Child psychotherapist
  • Mrs Tarja Rummukainen
  • Mr Pekka Rummukainen
  • Ms Heather Roman
  • Mr John Gundesen
  • Mrs Tina Holroyd
    Midwife/Registered Nurse
  • Ms Sally Pymer
  • Ms Susan Gontaszewski
  • Ms Heather Sloan
  • Ms Carolyn Enthoven
    Foster Carer
  • Mrs Brooke Towill
  • Mrs Rebekah Matson
  • Ms Briana Lees
    University of Sydney
  • Ms Jesse Ingram
  • Mrs April Croser
  • Mr Duncan Buchanan
  • Ms Helen Baros
  • Mr Simon Petale
  • Mrs Monica Hordacre
  • Ms Megan Lydon
  • Mrs Rachel McRae
  • Ms BJ Dodds
  • Mr Craig Jones
  • Mrs Lynda Dunn
    QLD health
  • Ms Maria Duggan
  • Ms Sabrina Warwar
    NPS medicinewise
  • Mr Peter Grant
  • Dr Matthew Stevens
    Senior Research Fellow
    Menzies School of Health Research
  • Mrs Ina Dorsheimer
    Provisional Psychologist
  • Ms Terry Fogarty
  • Ms Heather Clayton-Callaghan
  • Mrs Jennifer Tartaglia
  • Mrs Joanne Ashman
  • Mrs Clare Brans
  • Mrs Kara Harradine
  • Prof Graciela Güidone
  • Dr Lyndal Wellard-Cole
    Cancer Council NSW
  • Ms Kirsti Insch
  • Ms Anita Tang
  • Ms Raquel Zalmon
  • Mr Connor Michel
  • Mr Callan Bourke
    Expert driver
  • Ms Hannah Mattner
  • Ms Sharon Higgs
  • Ms Hayley Mahy
  • Mrs Judith Allen
  • Ms Leisha Aberle
    Pilbara Team Lead
    Foodbank WA
  • Mrs Michelle Sobczak
  • Ms Anne Rosenzweig
    Former AOD Researcher and Policy Officer
  • Ms Jan Mason
  • Mrs Ebony Millard
  • Ms Elizabeth Scally
  • Ms Holly Mason
  • Ms Jill Mortier
  • Mrs Elaine Jones
    Capricorn Citizens Advocacy
  • Mr Piero Colli
  • Ms Leanne Doyle
  • Prof Heather Douglas
    Law School, University of Queensland
  • Mr Anthony Kizimchuk
  • Ms Ashleigh Parnell
  • Mrs Gwen Sutcliffe
  • Mrs Kerry Biddington
  • Mrs Fiona Phillips
  • Dr Robyn Johnston
    Research Officer
    Telethon kids Institute
  • Mr Ben Kschenka
  • Mrs Wendy Martin
  • Ms Christine Kuhl
  • Ms Kayla Newland
    Telethon Kids Institute
  • Mrs Coral Bryant
  • Dr Mary Scott
  • Mr Francis Slaven
    Social Worker
  • Mr Greg Bentley
    Concerned father
  • Dr Andrea McGlade
    Developmental Paediatrician
    Paeds in a Pod
  • Ms Doris Scholten
    Case Worker
    Drug ARM
  • Ms Jane Touzeau
  • Ms Arielle Tapper
  • Mr Iwan Ilya Meyer
  • Ms Rita Diplock
  • Ms Briony Mentiplay
  • Dr Siva Viswanathan
  • Ms Sarah Shepherd
  • Mr James Pilbrow
  • Mrs Robyn Evans
  • Mr Tom Moodie
  • Mrs Christine Coates
  • Mrs Judy Davies
  • Dr Brian McGuinness
  • Ms Anastasha Boado
  • Ms Maryanne Cameron
  • Ms Kay Hutchinson
  • Ms Kia Alexander
  • Ms Elwyn Louise Draper-Sevenson
  • Ms Deb Scott
  • Ms Lydia Talarico
  • Mrs Michele Powell
  • Mrs Gwen White
  • Mrs Kylie Colvin
  • Ms Margaret Kelly
  • Ms Evelyn Storey
  • Mrs Brianna Walker
  • Mr Andrew Roy
  • Ms Gail Pierce
  • Ms Pippa Robinson
  • Ms Linda Smith
  • Ms Elizabeth Abbottsmith
    Retired Neonatal Nurse Specialist
  • Ms Annie Merritt
  • Mrs Ann Sehlmeier
  • Mr Ken Barrett
  • Mr Angus Nevein
  • Ms Ann McCuaig
  • Ms Bronwyn Wolfaardt
  • Ms Amy Plush
  • Mrs Sarah Gooley
  • Ms Lois Hodgson
    Retired Registered Nurse
  • Ms Gabrielle Dwyer
  • Mrs Barbara Lee
  • Dr Amanda McStay
  • Ms Anna McNaughton
  • Mrs Brenda Brown
  • Ms Tess Ward
  • Mrs Diane Dass
  • Ms Peta Fulton
  • Ms Meisha Grant
  • Ms Bronwyn Carver
  • Dr Annie Whybourne
  • Ms Barbara Misino
  • Mr Robert Ovenden
  • Mr John Godenzie
  • Ms Tabitha Culph
  • Dr Jane Armstrong
    Emergency Medicine
    NSW Health
  • Mrs Pamela Dunn
  • Ms Judith Gibbs
  • Ms Lisa Rourke
  • Mrs Sandra Henderson
  • Mrs Glenys Byrne
  • Ms Ellen Makridis
  • Ms Miriam Rudd
  • Ms Dianne Pavokovic
  • Ms Sandra Henry
  • Ms Jacalyn Kyros
  • Mr Allan Ray
  • Ms Helen O’Brien
    Health Support Worker
  • Ms Anthea Nicholls
  • Mrs Karen Dixon
  • Ms Elizabeth Dixon
  • Ms Megan Johnson
  • Prof Donna Cross
    UWA and Telethon Kids Institute
  • Mr Greg Hehir
  • Ms Geneve Gangemi
  • Ms Siri Gunawardana
  • Ms Sharyn Taylor
  • Mrs Robyn Wise
  • Mrs Sandra Kramer
    QLD Health
  • Ms Amber Rosebottom
    Community services worker
  • Ms Kathy Connell
  • Mrs Jacqui Lehmann
  • Ms Melanie Moore
  • Mrs Jodie Christiansen
  • Ms Laura Chiandotto
  • Ms Elisha Oliver
  • Ms Dorelle Slater
    Disability carer
  • Mrs Mary Wenn
  • Ms Lorna Henderson
  • Mrs Anne Maree Higgins
  • Mr David Pereira
  • Mrs Mary Anne McDonald
  • Ms Mikayla Wenn
  • Ms Kylie Mertens
  • Ms Demi Scammell
    Family Support Facilitator
    Drug ARM
  • Mrs Wendy O’Brien
  • Mrs Amy Dixon
  • Ms Cassandra Keighran
  • Ms Lauren Gilchrist
  • Ms Carolyn Webb
  • Ms Hannah Edwards
  • Dr Gina Trapp
    NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow
    Telethon Kids Institute
  • Ms Tommy Cordin
  • Ms Xiao Lin
  • Mr Scott Lehmann
  • Ms Clare Ross
  • Mrs Donna Crummer
  • Mr Peter Lehmann
    Occupational Therapist
  • Dr Mike Corke
    Clinical Psychologist
  • Mr Damien Shortal
  • Mrs Christine Powell
    Maternal and Child Health Nurse
  • Ms Jo Owens
  • Mr Alex Summers
  • Ms Enmarie Talens
    Registered nurse
  • Dr Murray Webber
    Staff specialist
    Child Development Team, Hunter New England Local Health District
  • Mrs Jenny Causley
  • Mrs Kerrie Weatherley
  • Mrs Sarah Walker
  • Ms Rosalie Moore
  • Mrs Rachel Malone
  • Ms Kate Middleton
  • Mr Peter Russell
  • Mrs S Newton
  • Mrs Trina Reading
    Library Technician
  • Mrs Shirley Humphries
  • Ms Camille Peters
  • Mrs Dianne Paul
    Maternal & Child health nurse
  • Mrs Darlene Anderson
  • Ms Suzanne Kay
  • Ms Kristy Abbot
    emPOWER WA
  • Dr Kerrie MacDonald
  • Mr Pete Dedman
  • Mrs Marian Schulz
  • Mrs Kellie Olarenshaw
  • Ms Robyn Owens
  • Mr Nathan Jenkins
  • Mrs Stephanie Neal
  • Dr Joanna Nathan
  • Mrs Beverley Cox
    Registered Midwife
  • Ms Angela McSpadden
  • Mrs Michele Menzie
    Foster parent of 2 children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Ms Shannon Bell
  • Mrs Cynthia Kilah
  • Ms Debra Spencer
  • Dr Lynette Allen
  • Ms Ruth De Costa
  • Mr Billy Diehm
  • Ms Kathryn Moar
  • Dr Matthew Patterson
    Waikato DHB
  • Mrs Chris Kynoch
  • Ms Vienna Richards
  • Ms Terri Brown
  • Mrs Noela Lowrey
  • Prof Hugh Taylor
    IEHU, University of Melbourne
  • Ms Leia Earnshaw
  • Ms Megan Harry
  • Ms Sandra Russell
  • Mrs Jill Wenke
    Registered Nurse
  • Ms Alicia Harris
  • Mrs Melinda Lib
  • Mrs Lyndsay Wall
  • Mrs Wendy Dolan
    Support Worker
  • Ms Roslyn Earnshaw
  • Ms Maddison Millan
  • Mr Tim Hawes
  • Mrs Sherral Aird
  • Ms Bridgette Birda
    Carer of two children with brain injury from their biological mum drinking pregnant
  • Mr David Tucker
    Senior Research Officer
    Telethon Kids Institute
  • Mr Leroy Mojica
  • Mr David Mejia-Canales
  • Mr Lachlan Hurburgh
  • Ms Kirsty O’Brien
  • Ms Stephen Godfrey
  • Mrs Kerry Cooper
  • Ms Kaitlyn Beers
  • Mrs Michelle Gray
  • Mrs Margaret Richardson
  • Ms Karen McCarthy
  • Ms Tracy Lee
  • Ms Alexandra Hackett
  • Mrs Karyn Tighe
    Support Coordinator
  • Mrs Lynda Varne
  • Ms Trinette Newell
  • Mrs Cheryl Enders
    Primary school teacher
  • Mrs Kaye Hutchinson
  • Ms Virginia Vlassopoulos
  • Ms Jennifer Thompson
  • Ms Joanne Ryves
  • Ms Billie Hamilton
  • Ms Judith Alcorn
  • Ms Katherine Crane
  • Ms Natalie Malcolmson
  • Mrs Rebeca McLennan
    Coordinator FKIC
    Anglicare CQ
  • Mrs Kate Townsend
  • Prof Tom Calma AO
  • Ms Debbie Pearson
  • Ms Kathryn Perano
  • Ms Julie Williams
  • Ms Jacinda Agnew
    Youth Worker
  • Ms Sally Fischer
    East Creek Community Centr
  • Dr Madhuri Balakrishna
  • Mrs Jeanette Whittaker
  • Mrs Jennifer Rich
  • Mrs Dianne Harrold
  • Mr Harold Peacock
  • Ms Libby S
  • Ms Olive Sant
    Retired Registered Nurse
  • Dr Angela Fearon
    Assistant Professor
    University of Canberra
  • Ms Joanna Topfer
  • Ms Melissa Moir
  • Mrs Dorothy Hull
  • Mrs Nicole Raney
  • Ms Elizabeth Farkouh
    Cornell University
  • Mrs Jenny Maby
  • Ms Zoe Rodda
  • Mrs Theresa Sullivan
  • Mrs Gillian Bathe
  • Dr Oliver Rawashdeh
    Senior Lecturer
    University of Queensland
  • Mrs Lisa James
  • Ms Jo Perry
  • Ms Vanessa Heggie
  • Mrs Helen Breeze
  • Mr Oren Forward
  • Mrs Jill OHalloran
  • Ms Janet Whiley
  • Ms Philippa Freebairn
  • Ms Brooke Kilah
  • Ms Clare Bennett
  • Mrs Rachel Elwin
  • Mr Martin Jones
  • Mr Dane Bohan
  • Mrs Lee Mcdougall
  • Mrs Margaret Jankowski
  • Mrs Brenda Bailey
  • Ms Yasmin Trotter
    Pre school educator/ special needs
  • Mr Peter Hendra
  • Dr Jennifer Cheng
  • Mr Andrew Rennie
  • Mr Ewan Filmer
  • Mrs Kylie Kett
  • Mr Laurie Kett
  • Dr Hannelly Taitarae
  • Mrs Lesley Henley-Barker
  • Ms Tracy Goldsworthy
  • Ms Kate Buckland
    Communications Manager
    Central Australian Aboriginal Congress
  • Mrs Elizabeth Showell
  • Ms Karen P
  • Ms India Laidlaw
    Residential support worker
  • Ms Julia Platts
    Foodbank WA
  • Mrs Melinda Norman
  • Ms Trudi Pickering
  • Mrs Caroline Hardiman
  • Mr John Bartlett
  • Ms Michela Clarke
  • Mrs Connie Hain
  • Ms Candice Browne
    Project Coordinator
    Telethon Kids Institute
  • Ms Lucinda Fleming
  • Ms Sandra Mcelligott
  • Mrs Kathleen Powell
  • Ms Erica Lewis
  • Ms Elizabeth Ross
  • Ms Petronella Ah Chee
  • Mr Harold Kilah
  • Dr Belinda Townsend
    Deputy Director
    Menzies Centre for Health Governance, School of Regulation and Global Governance, Australian National University
  • Ms Louisa Popov
  • Ms Donna Jones
    Foster carer
  • Ms Linda Bryant
    Queensland director
    Origins Inc
  • Mr Paul Verbeek
  • Mrs Elizabeth Raymond
  • Ms Karen Lewis
  • Ms Jeanne Walker
  • Mrs Tamara McGougan
  • Mrs Gale Menzies
  • Ms Kathryn Cosatto
  • Ms Carlene Alexander
  • Ms Frances McCarthy
  • Mr Julian Cleary
  • Prof Jennifer Gamble
    Head of Midwifery
    Griffith University
  • Mrs Tracy East
  • Mrs Patricia O’Connor
  • Ms Ashlee Lehmann
  • Ms Ashlee Eakins
    Student midwife
  • Mr Alexander Lawrie
    Medical Student
    University of Western Australia
  • Ms Sally-Ann Bentley
  • Ms Tracey Hutt
  • Ms Anne Semmens
  • Mrs Julie Coyle
  • Ms Kerry Turner
  • Prof Amanda Lee
    Prof Public Health Policy
    School of Public Health, FAculty of MEdicine, The University of Queensland
  • Ms Anne Hunt
  • Mr Alan Marr
  • Mrs Colleen Ashton
  • Mr Samuel Olsen
    Youth Worker
    Roseberry QLD
  • Mr Brendan Logan
  • Ms Jo Whitehead
  • Mr Timothy Storer
  • Mrs Deb Bauert
  • Ms Linda Lowe
  • Ms Jennie Clarke-Smith
  • Mr Peter Martin AM
  • Mr Peter Rowan
  • Ms Tess Watson
  • Mrs Vivien Lipshut
  • Mrs Caroline Rye
  • Dr Jacquie Mills
  • Mrs Elizabeth Beavis
  • Dr Martyn Symons
    Postdoctoral Researcher
    Telethon Kids Institute, University of Western Australia
  • Ms Jennifer Steedman
  • Mrs Carol Chiu Chong
  • Ms Pip Arthur
  • Mrs Christine White
    WCTU of Australia
  • Ms Karen Li
  • Prof John Toumbourou
    Professor and Chair in Health Psychology
    Deakin University
  • Ms Susan Ellis
  • Ms Sarah Mann
  • Mrs Glenda Vibert
  • Mrs Diana Hearn
  • Mr Ben W
  • Mrs Lauren Jones
  • Mrs Kathleen Andrews
  • Mr Russell Baricevic
  • Ms Bronwyn Matolytsch
  • Mrs Simone McKenry
  • Ms Jane Bourke
    Home duties
  • Ms Mary Ryan
  • Ms Colleen Cornford
  • Ms Erin Healy
  • Ms Margaret Robson
  • Mrs Helen Leary
    Teachers Aide
  • Mrs Victoria Martleton
  • Mrs Lucie Lawrence-Wall
  • Ms Maris Tripolone
  • Ms Kristen Guilford
  • Dr N’Relle Armstrong
  • Mrs Fran Drummond-Hay
  • Ms Jasmin Sloan
    Student Midwife
  • Ms Barbara Lawrance
  • Ms Cate Hartenstein
  • Ms Kathryn Ragless
  • Ms Julie Cook
  • Ms Caroline Oliver
  • Ms Machelle Walker
  • Ms M Creighton
  • Mrs Jonelle Betzel
    Teacher aide
  • Mrs Vanessa Johns
  • Mrs Sally Turnbull
  • Ms Amy Wild
  • Mrs Elisabeth Kakoschke
  • Ms Victoria Brown
  • Mrs Patricia Kovacic
    Counselling and Pychotherapy
  • Mrs Colleen Forward
  • Ms Michelle Cute
  • Dr Robyn Thompson
  • Mr Craig Maynard
    Behaviour support practitioner
  • Ms Delwyn Crinis
    Mother and Grandmother
  • Mr Michael Chanas
  • Mrs Susanne Lott
  • Mrs Amirthi Nallathamby
  • Ms Andrea Sinclair
  • Mr James Birch
  • Mrs Heather Ewens
  • Ms Nikkie Mader
    Student OT
  • Mrs Yvette Willmot
  • Mrs Nicola White
  • Mrs Bronwen Keyes
  • Mrs Kylie Veljanovski
  • Ms Anna Sura
  • Mrs Tania Simmons
  • Mrs Lia wolfe
  • Dr Peter Tait
  • Mrs Antonella Martin
  • Mrs Kathleen McLeod
  • Mrs Victoria Mangion
  • Ms Jennifer Holmesby
  • Ms Anna Steiner
  • Ms Veronica Teague
  • Ms Glenda Carson
  • Mr Mark Schaad
    Return of the boomerang
  • Mrs Karen Blight
  • Ms Cheryl White
  • Ms Gina Pilkington
    Child Safety Officer (Retired)
    Department of Child Safety
  • Mrs Anne Page
  • Ms Julia Grisan
  • Ms Gabrielle Mellan
  • Ms Brittany Smith
  • Mrs Lee Carr
  • Ms Stephanie Chapman
  • Ms Lara Valastro
  • Mrs Gayle Leverington
  • Ms Becky Hill
  • Ms Ashlee McGuigan
  • Ms Susan Sint Nicolaas
  • Ms Aleisha Manton
  • Mr David Jackson
  • Mrs Claire Tschaban
  • Mrs Sheryl Hesse
  • Ms Claire Jobling
  • Mr Maurice Giles
    Deputy Principal
    Leda Primary School
  • Mrs Rebecca Farrel
  • Ms Jacqueline Christensen
  • Ms Karen Peters
  • Ms Evelyn Douglas
  • Ms Caitlin Overton
  • Dr Roby Abeles
    Founder/Lead Psychotherapist
    Abeles Consulting
  • Ms Catherine Clucas
  • Mrs Mette Juel
  • Mrs Louise Foletta-Smith
  • Mrs Julia Rollins
  • Prof Michelle Barker
    Griffith University
  • Mrs Pauline Piwer
  • Mrs Catherine Ensor
  • Mrs Mary Micallef
  • Ms Maree Askell
  • Mrs Leisa Martin
  • Mrs Toni Brien
  • Ms Jasmin Ehlert
  • Ms Rebecca Riley
  • Mrs MerriLyn Durrington
  • Ms Natosha Dillard
  • Mrs Kendall Pickering
  • Mrs Lisa Claridge
  • Mrs Rita Hockley
  • Ms Elizabeth Selkirk
  • Mrs Sue Mclaughlin
  • Ms Barbara Van Eckert
  • Ms Kate Hutchinson
  • Mrs Caroline Trewenack
  • Ms Jessica Kraak
  • Mrs Wendy Pratt
  • Ms Alison Dalziel
  • Ms Melissa Noanoa
  • Ms Susan Frost
  • Ms Toni Burford
    Primary School Principal
  • Ms Tiffany Lohs
    Nurse Visitor
    Central Australian Aboriginal Congress
  • Mrs Kerrie Pearce
  • Mr Eugene Betzel
  • Ms Jennifer Huryk
  • Ms Carmel-Anne Ellen
  • Ms Stephanie Lewis
  • Mrs Fiona Sherrell
  • Mrs Jade Maitland-Smith
  • Ms Nicole Rabbito Bridger
  • Dr Jayson Priest
  • Ms Kristal Robson
  • Ms Anita Brown-major
  • Ms Dana Kelly
  • Mrs Connie Smith
  • Mrs Glenmary Swan
  • Ms Susan Davis
  • Mrs Melissa Jackson
  • Dr Dinesh Meher
    DM resident
  • Ms Elise Waddell
  • Ms Kerry Ruiz
  • Ms Leith Clayton-Brandt
  • Mrs Bernadette Kotiw
  • Mrs Lyn Moran
  • Mrs Carol Cole
  • Mrs Coralie De Salvo
  • Mrs Bridget leneham
  • Ms Glenyce Cullen
  • Mrs Judy Astleford
    Concerned citizen
  • Ms Heidi Jones
    Registered midwife
  • Mrs Tegan Bonham
  • Ms Margaret O’Brien
    Mental Health Carers Group
  • Mr Joel Della Bosca
  • Mr Caleb Jones
  • Mrs Leanne Finnimore
  • Mrs Jennifer Blake
  • Mrs Katrina Hayes
  • Ms Agapi Markogiannakis
  • Ms Anne Keogh
  • Mrs Stephanie Freemantle
    Health Broker
    Healthy Heart of Victoria
  • Ms R Harrigan
  • Ms Kym Aspinall
  • Ms Alicia O’Brien
  • Ms Toni Slater
  • Mrs Lorraine Kirkman
  • Mrs Catherine Mcg
  • Mrs Bethany Hite
  • Ms Vanda Roberts
  • Mrs Bronwen Whitaker
  • Ms Carissa Apps
  • Ms Tracey Constable
  • Mr George Maxfield
  • Ms Gaylyn Keats
    Registered Nurse Indigenous Health
  • Mrs Rosemary Holloway
  • Mrs Linda Hunt
  • Mrs Margaret Apte
  • Dr Deborah Gleeson
  • Mr Martin Gleeson
  • Mrs Cherie Kaluder
  • Dr Emmanuel Kigen
  • Mrs Robyn Davill
  • Mrs Tanya Walshnurse
    Nurse, midwife, mother
  • Mrs Emma Johnston
    Speech Pathologist
  • Ms Lucy Shepherd
  • Ms Melanie Foxley
  • Mrs Jessica Reece
  • Mrs Jacqueline Fisher
    Social Worker
    Child Development Team
  • Ms Karen Bevan
  • Mr Pablo Sorocuk
  • Mrs Kathleen Clayton
  • Mrs Dawn Whyte
  • Mrs Louise Fletcher
    Registered Psychologist
  • Ms Florance Nanitsos
  • Mrs Rosalind Maxfield
    Retired Registered Nurse
  • Dr Emily Connors
  • Ms Tanya Cipollone
  • Ms Kerrie O’Dwyer
  • Jeanette Hahn
  • Helen Hauff
  • Sharon Gatt
  • Gill Shilling
  • Maggie Mitchell
  • Kay Angelozzi
  • Gloria Constine
  • Dereka Ogden
  • Samantha McDonald
  • Margaret Russell
  • Judy Desha
  • Anna Wurth-Crawford
  • Jo O’Brien
  • Susan Tait
  • Robyn Callander
  • Annette Ferris
  • Susan Lloyd
  • Alexandra Maran
  • Liz Watters
  • Karen Normoyle
  • Sue Hayman
  • Brenda Matthews
  • Marion Davis-Low
  • Suezanne Nixon
  • Susan Thrift
  • Yvonne Emblem
  • Anne Louise Dawson
  • Helen Said
  • Suzanne Buckman
  • Joy Cornish
  • Stacy Read
  • Robyn Alexander
  • Christine Spicer
  • Nicole Browne
  • Toni Morris
  • Suzette Rose
  • Karen O’dwyer
  • Helen Hayler
  • Lorraine Moloney
  • Sheryl Fitzgerald
  • Rhonda Landy
  • Angela Ewing
  • Ruth Felix
  • Seren Belle
  • Carol Borham
  • Jean Turner
  • Bev Souter
  • Cheryl Kemp
  • Caroline La Ruffa
  • Barbara Perkins
  • Anne McCabe
  • Jacqueline Ashworth
  • Raeleen McGowan
  • Dr Robyn Thompson
  • Evelyn Hodges
  • Trish Clark
  • Jane Brewin
  • Rita Nasi
  • Geoff Springett
  • Roslyn Hackshaw
  • Annette Brown
  • Colleen Cornford
  • Kathleen Andrews
  • Marilyn Montague
  • Judy Hopkins
  • Louise Newcombe
  • Patricia Kirby
  • Helen Whitford
  • Michelle Bell
  • Linda Johnson
  • Kay Jones
  • Ms Kay Jones
  • Lorraine Cooke
  • Mrs Loraine Cairns
  • Jenni Tews
  • Ms Jennifer Tews
  • Susan Margaret
  • Mrs Elizabeth Harvey
    Elizabeth Harvey
  • Elizabeth Harvey
  • Mrs Helen Gailes
  • Mrs Melanie Staehli
  • Nerida De Jong
  • Lisa Graham
  • Ms Charlie Sedanayasa
  • Judy Lou
  • Mrs Joy Russell
  • Judy Rees
  • Mrs Susan Lester
  • Ms Anna Lampugnani
  • Lyn Thornton
  • Mrs Suzanne Flesser
  • Robyn Leigh
  • Miriam Slavin
  • Sandra Santacruz
  • Maria Schroo
  • Ronlynn Ryan
  • Mrs Mary Hookway
    Dept of Education
  • Gayle Playford
  • Mr John Shattock
  • Ms Rebecca Svab
  • Deb Crozier
  • Karen Boyd
  • Mary Anne Manigian
  • Mrs Tamara Page
  • Ms Rachel Metcalf
  • Jill Reading
  • Dearna Mazzola
  • Mrs Bianca Chisholm
  • Janine Grinham
  • Ms Odette Joannidis
  • Ann Mitchell
  • Shannon Constance
  • Ms Reffin Neji
  • Thelma Marshall
  • Catherine Burk
  • Ms Catherine Burk
  • Julie Shepherd
  • Debbie GIBSON
  • Dr Cathie Harrison
    Early Learning Consultant
  • Tammy Brandon
  • Ms Anne Flynn
  • Prue Leggoe
  • Lynne West
  • Kay Clarke
  • Mrs Kay Clarke
    Retired special school teacher
  • Mr Herschel Baker
  • Mary Edgerton
  • Jay Cupido
  • Jean McCartney
  • Mrs Tanya Jeney
  • Ms Coleen Blackwell
  • Meredith Newman Debens
  • Helen Niven
  • Kaye Liddelow
  • Elizabeth Hatch
  • Colleen Kowalewycz
  • Angelina Haynes
  • Louise Blakely
  • Ellen Craufurd
  • Ms Jennifer Willis
  • Mrs Louise Blakely
  • Mrs Krystal Aloisi
  • Beverley Rawson
  • Mrs Beverley Rawson
  • Mrs Colleen Kowalewycz
  • Ms Leonie Gallagher
    Registered Nurse
  • Mrs Sabine Hall
    Senior Researcher
  • Diana Joan Horman
  • Ann McGrath
  • Lyn Wood
  • Imogheena Farandel
  • Ms Vanessa Johnson
  • Julia Skane
  • Mrs Michelle Williams
  • Mrs Hollea Elliott
    William Campbell Foundation
  • Susan Jameson
  • Gilda Mason
  • Ms Gilda Mason
  • Mrs Wallula Bethell
  • Ms Marianne Haverkort
    Registered nurse midwife
  • Christellar Collits
  • Tink Lamb
  • Mrs Debra Thomas
  • Debby Thomas
  • Ms Natasha Dawkins
  • Helga Bligh
  • Ms Triona Mcgee
  • Robyn Harvey
  • Ms Louisa Morris
  • Wollongong Community Drug Action Team
  • Shellharbour Kiama Community Drug Action Team
  • NOFASD Australia
  • Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE)
  • Alcohol and Drug Foundation
  • Public Health Association of Australia
  • Sober in the Country
  • FASD Research Australia Centre of Research Excellence
  • Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association
  • Telethon Kids Institute
  • Consumers Health Forum of Australia
  • The George Institute for Global Health
  • Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania
  • Cancer Council Australia
  • National Rural Health Alliance
  • Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Council
  • Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association
  • Cancer Council Victoria
  • Australian Health Promotion Association
  • Cancer Council WA
  • Centre for Alcohol Policy Research
  • Cancer Council Queensland
  • St Vincent’s Health Australia
  • Cancer Council Tasmania
  • Coast and Country Occupational Therapy
  • The Cancer Council ACT
  • Alcohol Change Vic
  • Cancer Council SA
  • Turning Point
  • Dalgarno Institute
  • Western Australian Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (WANADA)
  • Australian Healthcare and Hospital Association
  • Cancer Council NSW
  • Bushmob Aboriginal Corporation
  • Boab Network
  • The University of Queensland
  • Fixx Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • SANDAS Inc
  • The Lowitja Institute
  • Multicultural Futures
  • Australian Baseball Federation (Baseball Australia)
  • Movendi International
  • Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Sth. Australia Inc
  • Mindmatters Tamworth
  • CRANAplus
  • FASD Tasmania Inc
  • Effective Change Psychology
  • Aroha Ki Te Tamariki Trust – Mirror Services
  • National Alliance for Action on Alcohol
  • Dietitians Australia
  • The CICADA Centre NSW
  • WCTU Australia Ltd
  • Social Research & Evaluation Pty Limited
  • Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP
  • Indigenous Employment Partners Ltd
  • ANTaR
  • WCTU Drug-Free Lifestyles
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • QLD FASD Support Group
  • Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre Inc.
  • Drug ARM
  • Queensland Coalition for Action on Alcohol
  • Drug Awareness & Relief Foundation (Australia)
  • Exuberance
  • Uniting NSW.ACT
  • Freelance Consultant – Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Policy
  • Victorian FASD Special Interest Group
  • emPOWER WA
  • MCRN
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council of Tasmania
  • Drug Education Network
  • Families Australia
  • Victoria Park Youth Accommodation
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Information Network
  • Australian College of Midwives
  • Queensland Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (QNADA)
  • Northern Territory Faculty Board of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
  • Local Drug Action Groups Inc.
  • AMA Northern Territory
  • Victorian Primary Care Partnerships
  • Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia
  • Mundaring Local Drug Action Group
  • Uniting Communities
  • Public Health Advocacy Institute of Western Australia
  • Campaspe Primary Care Partnership
  • Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
  • NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association
  • Menzies School of Health Research
  • William Campbell Foundation
  • Mothers Milk Bank Charity
  • FASlink Fetal Alcohol Disorders Society
  • Canterbury District Health Board
  • People’s Alcohol Action Coalition, Alice Springs NT
  • K A Nelson Consultancy
  • Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (ACDPA)
  • Southern Grampians Glenelg Primary Care Partnership
  • The Family Place Inc
  • EACH
  • Women’s Christian Temperance Union NZ
  • Queensland Advocacy Incorporated
  • Men & Family Centre
  • Inner North West Primary Care Partnership
  • CWA of Australia
  • Pregnant Pause
  • Amity Community Serivces Inc.
  • Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol & other Drugs (APSAD)
  • The Violin Shop
  • Association of Advocates against Alcohol harm in Nigeria
  • The Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc.
  • Indiana NOFAS
  • Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership
  • CASPA Services Ltd
  • Telethon Kids Institute
  • The Behaviour Change Collaborative
  • European Alcohol Policy Alliance
  • Australian College of Nursing
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  • Drug ARM
  • Victorian Fetal Alcohol Service
  • Queensland Consumers Association
  • cohealth
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  • The IndividualiTree
  • Criminal Justice Reform Western Australia
  • 88 Constellations
  • WCTU
  • Deadly Enterprises
  • Central Australian Aboriginal Congress
  • DrugArm
  • NATSILS: The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services
  • YMCA of Canberra
  • Associacio Rauxa
  • The Australian Medical Association (WA)
  • South Asian Association for Study of the Liver [SAASL]
  • Wheelers Admin and Associates
  • Independent Order of Rechabites Queensland District No. 87 Inc.
  • National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO)
  • ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body
  • National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker Association